Ukrainian manufacturer of fast EV charger terminals visits Nairobi to pioneer electric mobility in East African cities

R&S Quantum is this week in Nairobi, Kenya to meet a host of local partners and network in the Eastern African nation.

Ukraine electric vehicle charger producer at Easter African Power Industry Convention 2016 that took place in Nairobi. Next year's edition of the fair will be held in Uganda.

Ukrainian electric vehicle charger producer at Eastern African Power Industry Convention 2016 that took place in Nairobi. Next year’s edition of the fair is planned to be held in Uganda

As part of the visit, our sales and marketing manager Andy Kozlov attended the East African Power Industry Convention that this year takes place at the Kenyatta ICC in Nairobi.

Mr Kozlov introduced a host of convention participants to the marketing work that has been done so far in pioneering our electric mobility project in Kenya. He also exchanged ideas with Viven Perumal of Conlog (billing systems for EV charging stations and electric vehicle drivers), Kati Salo of the Energy and Environment Partnership (grant programs for renewable energy innovation in Southern and East Africa), Kendall van Niekerk of GeoSUN Africa and Harry Driscoll of Hydroplan UK (both about feasibility assessment and data analysis for employment of renewables to power fast EV charging stations in Africa).

These brief discussions followed R&S Quantum’s meetings earlier this week with Mr. Debashish Bhattarcharjee, UN Habitat’s urban mobility expert, and Mbugua Njihia, a Kenyan smart integrated mobility and logistics guru.

R&S Quantum’s prototype of the 150kW charger for electric vehicles is expected to be rolled out and rigorously tested in the first half of 2018.

To move around Nairobi, with its notorious traffic jams, we use a local smart mobility app, Maramoja.