Out of 212 private equity firms investing in 27 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, 27 fund education, 26 energy projects

212 private equity firms with 298 offices are physically based across 27 sub-Saharan African countries, according to consultancy Asoko Insight and Africa Capital Digest, a research firm. Among them, 10 largest firms, defined by funds under management, have over $1 billion each. They are: Actis African Capital Alliance African Infrastructure Investment Managers Brait Development Partners International[…]

Global Cybersecurity Index Heat Map

Solving Africa’s youth unemployment problem by training more African cybersecurity and healthcare experts

Lack of jobs, or lack of skilled people to fill them? It’s all about lack of proper information sharing between those who educate and those who seek to hire. The World Population Counter says that there are three times more births than death on a given day, while more than 7.6 billion people populate the Earth at[…]

Ukraine electric vehicle charger producer at Eastern African Power Industry Convention 2016

Ukrainian manufacturer of fast EV charger terminals visits Nairobi to pioneer electric mobility in East African cities

R&S Quantum is this week in Nairobi, Kenya to meet a host of local partners and network in the Eastern African nation. As part of the visit, our sales and marketing manager Andy Kozlov attended the East African Power Industry Convention that this year takes place at the Kenyatta ICC in Nairobi. Mr Kozlov introduced a[…]