R&S Quantum invited to Vienna to attend the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2018

R&S Quantum works in the field of innovative solutions. One of our focus areas is environmental and resource efficient issues as part of a larger effort of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The company’s areas of activity are related to such SDGs as “responsible consumption”, “preservation of ecosystems”, “clean water” among others.

For us, chemical leasing has become another opportunity to grow as a socially responsible business. Our company sees great potential of the ChL Model development in the agrarian sector of Ukraine.

As a company that cooperates with agricultural producers of organic products, as well as with other agricultural farms that want to expand to new markets and export, especially to the European Union, we are familiar with issues that producers of agro-products face. These issues are related to the implementation of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement in the field of standardization, quality assurance and food safety, innovative enterprise development and development of rural areas.

Under the project of chemical leasing in agriculture, R&S Quantum collaborates with the Ukrainian Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre which is the main coordinator of the project and with the Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Department of Economic Growth and Structural Changes in the Economy) which has vast experience in fundamental and applied research.

Among other R&S Quantum’s partners are State University of Telecommunications; Burevisnyk, a Kyiv-based state factory in Ukraine; Research Institute Kvant; IoT Hub, a Kyiv-based accelerator designed for IoT startups among a number of others.

R&S Quantum works closely with the Ukrainian Export Promotion Office and provides personalized support for export promotion. R&S Quantum is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network

R&S Quantum invited to attend the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2018

R&S Quantum invited to attend the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2018

Introducing the ChL Model to Ukraine’s agriculture sector, R&S Quantum applied for the 2018 Chemical Leasing Award 2018  to solve a number of challenges faced by agro-producers and make their products more environmentally friendly by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

You can get acquainted with main aspects of ChL Model in agriculture developed by R&S Quantum and submitted for the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2018 here.