June 22, 2017

Shipbuilding design works

Class project

  • General Arrangement.
  • Specification on ship.
  • Lines plan.
  • Constructive Midship Section and Typical Frame Sections.
  • Longitudinal Sections of Hull.
  • Shell expansion.
  • Constructive drawing of the Bottoms and Decks.
  • Constructive drawing of the Superstructure.
  • Constructive drawing of the Foundation on Equipment.
  • Weight and CG Calculation.
  • Calculations based on ship theory.
  • Calculations based on structural mechanic of ship.
  • 3D-model of the hull and superstructure of the ship, with the routs of the set, joints and grooves.
  • Installation and placement of steel outfitting hull structures (hatches and manholes covers, doors, ladders, railing etc.).
  • Deck equipment drawings (steering, towing, mooring, anchor etc.).
  • Schemes of removable decking.
  • Schemes of painting, insulation, lining and coating of decks, decking and bulkhead.
  • Mounting and placement of equipment.
  • Engine room and Machinery Arrangement.
  • Mechanical installation. Mounting of the engine and shaft line.
  • Ship system documentation (fuel, drying, ballast, ventilation etc.)
  • Basic electrical diagrams.
  • Navigation and communication document.
  • A customized sheet for equipment and materials.
  • Detail design

Workshop projects

  • Development of a complete set of workshop drawings with part lists for hull, outfitting, deck equipment, mechanical part and ship system, electrical part.

Engineering works

  • Detailing and cutting of hull plates and profiles.
  • Development sketches of plates and profiles parts.
  • Development of drawings bending templates on detail.
  • Issuance of data for produced Jigs.
  • Development outline sketches of subsection and assemblies.
  • Issue of sets of documents-nesting chart, passport of chart, NC control programs (for plates).
  • Issue of lists nesting chart and bending details, drafting picking lists, waste list, list of nesting profiles.
  • Sketches of details of piping and cable route.


Project coordination

Technical follow-up on construction and field supervision of building on shipyard

Modifications and modernization design

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