June 19, 2017

Fast EV Charger R&S Quantum

Our fast EV chargers are price competitive, high-performance and reliable.

Fast R&S Quantum EV charger consists of:

Charging terminal stand with customizable design which has

– charging power device

– charging management device

– on-board computer

– communications (GSM and/or CDMA, or 3-4G, Ethernet network card)

– keyboard and LCD screen

Set of power cables for various electric vehicle types

Set of spare parts

Set-up kit

Cases for external parts of the terminal

Instruction manual


The terminal is fully compliant with the UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE) guidelines for charge point type 3 and 4 terminal connections.

All types, kinds and standards of our fast EV terminal functionalities are IEC, SENELEC and UK EVSE compliant.


Key tech specs:

Type: multi-standard combo terminal

External temperatures: -30 C to +40 C

Input  three-phase 380V +/-10%;

Output 400V AC +/-10%, 50Hz, 50-500V DC;

Max output power (in the basic model) not less than 43 kW AC and 48 kW DC

Max output current (in the basic model) not less than 63 А AC and 125 А DC

Robust stand

Protection class: IP54

RFID system: ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693, FeliCa tm 1, NFC reader mode, LEGIC Prime & Advantage;

Communications: GSM/CDMA/ 3G/4G modem, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet;

Billing system on-demand

User interface: High brightness full color touchscreen HMI, RFID & Bank Card reader options;

Cloud-based management software

Weight: around 800 kg


Tech specs that make this fast EV charging terminal competitive:

Protection from overloads and indirect contacts

User identification

Charging management that ensures protocol deviation of less than 1.5%;

Reliable charging management in case of power disconnection, blackout

Reliable protection from reverse polarization, short circuit, overheating or spontaneous combustion

The terminal can work on its own or as part of a multi-terminal EV charger network

Off-site monitoring and process management

Notifications about protocol failures for tech maintenance

Matrix of distribution and charger network load management

Off-site software management in case of absence of a technician, in accordance with OCPP protocol

For models of 120 kW/h and up, DPM system of dynamic load management.


Two customizable models are currently on offer:

50 kW

CCS up to 50 kW DC

CHadeMO up to 50 kW DC

Type 2 cable 43 kW

Type 2 plug 22kW

120 kW

CCS up to 120 kW DC

CHadeMO up to 62,5 kW

Type 2 cable 43 kW

Type 2 plug 22 kW

Both of these basic models offer four modifications each.

The terminal consists of interchangeable parts to match the dynamically changing EV charging market needs.

Maintenance and tech personnel training is provided by R&S Quantum.

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Specifications in Ukrainian can be found here.