Map of all major chargers in North America

Canada and her own 2018 EV charger trends

This overview is a collection of stats and opinions from various publicly available online sources From the “Global Electric Vehicle Charger market – (2015-2022)”: By 2020, the AC electric vehicle charger market is expected to reach 17.56 million units, growing at a CAGR of 28.69% while the DC EV charger market is predicted to reach 2.13 million[…]

Martychenko Eastern Partnership Business Tallinn

Our CEO to attend 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Tallinn, Estonia

Oleh Martychenko, CEO at R&S Quantum, is to attend the 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum that will take place in Tallinn, Estonia between 26th and 27th October 2017. This networking opportunity aims to promote cross-border economic relations, transparency and new business cooperation between the EU and EaP countries. Mr Martychenko is particularly interested in the following two discussions: Financing[…]

EV charging trends in Ukraine

With 500 terminals, Autoenterprise reportedly runs the largest EV charging network in the Eastern European country. The charger map is apparently available on their site after registration. With offices in London and Kyiv, VLS Energy recently launched a Spanish 22 kW DC charging station for electric vehicles in the vicinity of the Kyiv-Zhulyany international airport. In the past two[…]

R&S Quantum is an IEVIIG member now

R&S Quantum joins International EV Industry Infrastructure Group

Ukraine-based smart and fast EV charger company, R&S Quantum, joins the International EV Industry Infrastructure Group (IEVIIG) to solidify the commercial potential of an industry-based collaboration. IEVIIG currently counts 65 members (36 companies and 29 individuals) from 13 nations (UK, US, India, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, Netherlands, Ukraine) Special thanks goes to the[…]

R&S Quantum listed among solution providers for EBRD-funded Climate Innovation Vouchers Program

R&S Quantum is now featured among solution providers for the beneficiaries of the €1 million Climate Innovation Vouchers Program funded by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The funding will be provided in the framework of the Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC), the main technology transfer programme of the EBRD in[…]

Around Ukraine, both state enterprises and city councils invest in EVs and charger network

In the next year and a half, the Ukrainian Postal Service or Ukrposhta, the national state enterprise of Ukraine, plans to purchase 200-250 electric vehicles (EVs). Ukrposhta operates 12,000 post offices, 9,000 of which are in the rural areas. Total Ukrposhta vehicles mileage is some 72 million kms. The pilot locations for this EV project will be Ukraine’s larger urban areas:[…]

Breeze-T, artificial lung ventilator

R&S Quantum attends Third National Export Support Forum in Kyiv, supports state factory partner Burevisnyk

Oleg Martychenko, R&S Quantum’s CEO, attended the Third National Export Support Forum in Kyiv, Ukraine to support our partner Burevisnyk, a Kyiv-based state factory in Ukraine, at their Made in Kyiv Exhibition stand. The Forum’s main goal was to discuss a wide range of issues related to the support and promotion of goods and services of Ukrainian exporters. Burevisnyk exhibited[…]

Burevisnyk, Kyiv State Plant

R&S Quantum to offer medical ventilators and other Ukrainian state factory Burevisnyk’s products

On April 12, our CEO, Oleg Martychenko, signed a cooperation agreement with Burevisnyk, a Kyiv-based state factory in Ukraine. This adds medical ventilators and a number of other ISO 9001-2001-certified medical, energy-efficiency and navigation solutions to R&S Quantum’s line of products. Burevisnyk has had experience of sales to Kazakhstan, China, India and Vietnam. Breeze, artificial lung[…]

This Ukraine-made e-bike delivery network also measures air quality in your community

The Greek Municipality of Volvi is situated in the Region of Central Macedonia. It has 24,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 782 And it aims is to be the first Zero Energy Municipality in Greece. R&S Quantum got to learn about these plans through the European Commission’s networking platform CORDIS. As part of our Horizon[…]