R&S Quantum supports 2018 IT Connect conference in eastern Ukraine to empower young IT professionals

R&S Quantum recently partnered with QuartSoft Corp., a Silicon Valley-based IT solutions that provides digital commerce and custom web/mobile applications by outsourcing their IT projects to Ukraine, to raise awareness among young IT specialists in Kramatorsk in the east of Ukraine about various business growth opportunities in international markets. R&S Quantum’s Andy Kozlov will speak at the 2018[…]

Canadian Government has committed over $180 million to support EV infrastructure

Serge Rousselle, Minister of the Environment and Local Government, calls having a network of fast chargers throughout his province of New Brunswick a “positioning of New Brunswick as a leader in supporting electric transportation”. Canadian federal Government has committed more than $180 million to support electric and alternative fuel infrastructure across Canada to expand the coast-to-coast network of EV fast chargers[…]

Yoshiki Yamamoto, General Manager Sumitomo Corp (centre), Ievhen Lytvynenko, Business Development Manager Sumitomo Corp (right) following the conversation with Oleh Martychenko, R&S Quantum CEO and Svitlana Shchehel, our exceptional Kyiv-based business development expert (left)

R&S Quantum visit Sumitomo Corporation of Japan at their Kyiv branch

R&S Quantum had a great pleasure to visit Sumitomo Corporation of Japan at their Kyiv branch. Our CEO Oleh Martychenko shared market insights and answered General Manager Yoshiki Yamamoto’s questions about future trends in electric vehicle infrastructure development in Ukraine and Canada. Sumitomo Corporation is a diversified corporation and a member company of the Sumitomo[…]

FleetCarma chart

Electric vehicle adoption spurred by focusing on user experience. Plus EV infrastructure investments

A study cited by Partners in Project Green, an initiative of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, concluded there was a higher impact on EV adoption from EV infrastructure investments than vehicle purchase incentives and mathematical modelling has also predicted that installing charging stations is the more cost-effective incentive. Reducing friction[…]

Map of all major chargers in North America

Canada and her own 2018 EV charger trends

This overview is a collection of stats and opinions from various publicly available online sources From the “Global Electric Vehicle Charger market – (2015-2022)”: By 2020, the AC electric vehicle charger market is expected to reach 17.56 million units, growing at a CAGR of 28.69% while the DC EV charger market is predicted to reach 2.13 million[…]

Martychenko Eastern Partnership Business Tallinn

Our CEO to attend 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Tallinn, Estonia

Oleh Martychenko, CEO at R&S Quantum, is to attend the 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum that will take place in Tallinn, Estonia between 26th and 27th October 2017. This networking opportunity aims to promote cross-border economic relations, transparency and new business cooperation between the EU and EaP countries. Mr Martychenko is particularly interested in the following two discussions: Financing[…]

EV charging trends in Ukraine

With 500 terminals, Autoenterprise reportedly runs the largest EV charging network in the Eastern European country. The charger map is apparently available on their site after registration. With offices in London and Kyiv, VLS Energy recently launched a Spanish 22 kW DC charging station for electric vehicles in the vicinity of the Kyiv-Zhulyany international airport. In the past two[…]

R&S Quantum is an IEVIIG member now

R&S Quantum joins International EV Industry Infrastructure Group

Ukraine-based smart and fast EV charger company, R&S Quantum, joins the International EV Industry Infrastructure Group (IEVIIG) to solidify the commercial potential of an industry-based collaboration. IEVIIG currently counts 65 members (36 companies and 29 individuals) from 13 nations (UK, US, India, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, Netherlands, Ukraine) Special thanks goes to the[…]