263 blockchain-related projects in China reportedly account for 25 % of current global total

The financial sector is said to be the biggest user of blockchain technology, particularly in asset securitization for banks and brokers. In 2018, the World Intellectual Property Organization reported that most blockchain-related patent filings came from China. Over half of the 406 patents in 2017 were from China: the country filed 225 Blockchain patents, followed[…]

R&S Quantum CEO Oleh Martychenko (in the middle) and Business Development Executive Svitlana Shchegel (second from the right) with Sergey Medvedev, Social Innovation Berlin (right) and Christian Heymann, SpeiseGut - Community Supported Agriculture (second from the left) with his Berlin-based assistant (left)

R&S Quantum took part in the Ideas Festival and Sustainable Development Lab in Odessa

During the summertime, R&S Quantum Team took active part in the international events to share our experience, present technologies and develop new partnerships. We would like to express special thanks the Ideas Festival organizers: Impact Hub Odessa and The Aspen Institute Kyiv for the great networking opportunities. The festival united the efforts of experts and leaders[…]

Strongest cluster initiatives are unafraid to “pick winners” from the broad array of potential alternatives

The most successful cluster initiatives have five traits according to researchers at Brookings: 1. Focused on establishing a robust ecosystem, not quick job gains Cluster initiatives must be focused on establishing a robust and regenerating ecosystem that produces the innovation, talent, and economic opportunities that firms need to thrive. These initiatives must be first and[…]

After two years of consultations, Canada publishes cybersecurity strategy which lacks dedicated focus on skills training

“A shortage of cybersecurity talent makes it difficult for organization – including the federal government – to attract and retain the people they need to improve their cybersecurity or to disrupt cyberthreats,” Canada’s new cybersecurity strategy reads. The cybersecurity industry in Canada supports an estimated 11,000 jobs and generates CAD1.6-billion in economic activity. “It’s disappointing to[…]

R&S Quantum's Andy Kozlov speaking before students in Kramatorsk

R&S Quantum supports 2018 IT Connect conference in eastern Ukraine to empower young IT professionals

R&S Quantum recently partnered with QuartSoft Corp., a Silicon Valley-based IT solutions that provides digital commerce and custom web/mobile applications by outsourcing their IT projects to Ukraine, to raise awareness among young IT specialists in Kramatorsk in the east of Ukraine about various business growth opportunities in international markets. R&S Quantum’s Andy Kozlov will speak at the 2018[…]

R&S Quantum listed among solution providers for EBRD-funded Climate Innovation Vouchers Program

R&S Quantum is now featured among solution providers for the beneficiaries of the €1 million Climate Innovation Vouchers Program funded by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The funding will be provided in the framework of the Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC), the main technology transfer programme of the EBRD in[…]