Challenges facing EV deployment in 2019

Impact of millions of vehicles charging simultaneously on the electric power grid, and the timing of such events Especially impact on transformer life. There are currently 275.1 million vehicles on U.S. roads, of which only 800,000 are EVs. But within the next 30 years, some automotive industry experts expect EVs could make up the majority of U.S.[…]


2 H 2018. Here’s what trends in Energy, Ecology, Skills and Finance discussions globally

ENERGY Increasing Resilience in Energy Systems: E-mobility, decentralized generation and outdated infrastructure are putting unprecedented pressure on energy systems, while increased connectivity and complexity are raising the exposure to cyberattacks and cascade failure. International Energy Agency’s The Future of Petrochemicals: The Future of Petrochemicals: Towards a more Sustainable Supply of Plastics and Fertilizers. This new report[…]

By the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association

European Commission: some 2,000,000 EV charging points will be needed by 2025

The unbalanced distribution of EV charging points in the EU discourages European consumers from buying electric cars. From the current number of some 100,000 charging points for electric vehicles in the EU, 76% are in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK: only 27% of EU’s total surface area. Romania only counts 114 EV charging points. Malta — 97, Bulgaria[…]

There were 48,000 electric vehicles in Canada in 2017

There were some 48,000 electric vehicles in Canada in 2017, up from 29,000 in 2016. 7,477 battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were sold in Ontario, a 120 % increase from 2016. EV sales in British Columbia and Quebec were estimated at 3,270 and 7,194 electric vehicles respectively in 2017. For comparison, about 120,000 all-electric cars were sold in the[…]

EVs in India

2030 EV charger trends in India: significant grid capability implications

In December 2017, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers came up with a white paper that stated electric vehicles will constitute 40 % for overall new car sales in India by 2030. SIAM predicted 100 % EV sales in India only by 2047. By 2030, India could see anywhere between 100 and 300 million electric vehicles. 80-85 % of these will[…]

Nissan makes 100% electric mobility a mass market reality

The most sold EV in the world: over 320,000 Nissan LEAFs have been sold globally

The 100,000th European Nissan LEAF found its home a couple weeks ago. It went to Madrid. The European Union sets a target of 800,000 publicly accessible charging stations to be installed by 2020, with additional individual targets being set for each member state. About 120,000 all-electric cars were sold in the past 10 years in Japan.[…]


Population of India will be getting younger all the way till 2040. Job-led growth in EV charger manufacturing will help avoid social unrest, cut pollution

India’s production and industrial development need to drive inclusive growth to create the projected 100 million new jobs by 2022. India’s government targets to have 25% of the South Asian nation’s GDP to come from manufacturing by 2025. The population of India will be getting younger till 2040, according to Amitabh Kant, CEO of India’s major think tank[…]


New Jersey’s PSEG to develop a network of 50,000 EV charging stations

The Public Service Enterprise Group estimates that the 16,000 electric vehicles currently on New Jersey roads will climb to 275,000 or more by 2025. New Jersey currently has only about 200 charging stations, according to U.S. Department of Energy data. For comparison, Japan installed around 7,250 CHAdeMO DC fast chargers (40% of all in the world)[…]

Canadian Government has committed over $180 million to support EV infrastructure

Serge Rousselle, Minister of the Environment and Local Government, calls having a network of fast chargers throughout his province of New Brunswick a “positioning of New Brunswick as a leader in supporting electric transportation”. Canadian federal Government has committed more than $180 million to support electric and alternative fuel infrastructure across Canada to expand the coast-to-coast network of EV fast chargers[…]