There were 48,000 electric vehicles in Canada in 2017

There were some 48,000 electric vehicles in Canada in 2017, up from 29,000 in 2016. 7,477 battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were sold in Ontario, a 120 % increase from 2016. EV sales in British Columbia and Quebec were estimated at 3,270 and 7,194 electric vehicles respectively in 2017.

For comparison, about 120,000 all-electric cars were sold in the past 10 years in Japan. In India, New Delhi alone will need 350,000 EV charging points to meet demand.

According to an EV charging pattern study in Ontario, only 3% of all charge events, 6% of energy consumed by electric vehicles was at a fast EV charger. Instead, there is an overwhelming preference for Level 2 home charging which accounts for ca. 69% of all charge events (75% of all energy).

Quebec has in place a mandate for 10 % of new vehicle sales to be zero emissions by 2025.

Canada’s federal government has committed more than $180 million to support electric and alternative fuel infrastructure across Canada to expand the coast-to-coast network of EV fast chargers on the Canadian highway system.