R&S Quantum CEO Oleh Martychenko (in the middle) and Business Development Executive Svitlana Shchegel (second from the right) with Sergey Medvedev, Social Innovation Berlin (right) and Christian Heymann, SpeiseGut - Community Supported Agriculture (second from the left) with his Berlin-based assistant (left)

R&S Quantum took part in the Ideas Festival and Sustainable Development Lab in Odessa

During the summertime, R&S Quantum Team took active part in the international events to share our experience, present technologies and develop new partnerships. We would like to express special thanks the Ideas Festival organizers: Impact Hub Odessa and The Aspen Institute Kyiv for the great networking opportunities. The festival united the efforts of experts and leaders[…]

Strongest cluster initiatives are unafraid to “pick winners” from the broad array of potential alternatives

The most successful cluster initiatives have five traits according to researchers at Brookings: 1. Focused on establishing a robust ecosystem, not quick job gains Cluster initiatives must be focused on establishing a robust and regenerating ecosystem that produces the innovation, talent, and economic opportunities that firms need to thrive. These initiatives must be first and[…]

Global Cybersecurity Index Heat Map

Solving Africa’s youth unemployment problem by training more African cybersecurity and healthcare experts

Lack of jobs, or lack of skilled people to fill them? It’s all about lack of proper information sharing between those who educate and those who seek to hire. The World Population Counter says that there are three times more births than death on a given day, while more than 7.6 billion people populate the Earth at[…]