Fast charging infrastucture needs in Europe: how do disparate figures add up?

As Ukraine-based manufacturers of a cost-efficient fast and smart charger, we continuously think about customer expectation and our market share. There are more than 4,000 cities in the world with populations exceeding 100,000. Around 2,400 of these have populations of fewer than 750,000. The European Union’s Clean Fuel Directive sets a target of 800,000 publicly accessible charging stations[…]

R&S Quantum targets Horizon 2020 call to develop and realize a smart and cost-efficient fast EV charging network

We at R&S Quantum are developing a novel fast charging system, suitable for all common commercialized electric vehicles on the market. Our system allows to charge these vehicles in short time, making the fast and smart charger highly interesting for everyone operating an EV fleet, where every minute spent charging — and not on the[…]