Ukraine electric vehicle charger producer at Eastern African Power Industry Convention 2016

Ukrainian manufacturer of fast EV charger terminals visits Nairobi to pioneer electric mobility in East African cities

R&S Quantum is this week in Nairobi, Kenya to meet a host of local partners and network in the Eastern African nation. As part of the visit, our sales and marketing manager Andy Kozlov attended the East African Power Industry Convention that this year takes place at the Kenyatta ICC in Nairobi. Mr Kozlov introduced a[…]

Australian gentailer to roll out $1 a day “all you can eat” electric vehicle charging deal

Over 135,000, electric vehicle owners in Victoria and New South Wales — evidently to be followed by Queensland and South Australia — can now easily control the cost of EV charging in their distributor zone. The news was sweetened by another exciting announcement for happy EV owners in Australia. In November, a local Australian  gentailer has promised to roll[…]


We foresee global deployment of at least as many electric vehicle chargers as gas station pumps

Lifecycle ownership costs of an electric vehicle are 1/10th of an internal combustion equivalent. GREAT. What’s next? Oleh Martychenko of R&S Quantum, a Ukraine-based manufacturer of fast chargers for electric vehicles Oleh Martychenko of R&S Quantum, a Ukrainian fast EV charger manufacturer, estimates that as many electric vehicle chargers will at some stage be deployed[…]


R&S Quantum signs memorandum of understanding with Estonian developers of billing solution for EV charger stations

Today, R&S Quantum signed a memorandum of understanding with the developers of XM^online, an ultimate solution for the electric vehicle charging station owners and operators. When it comes to efficiently and profitably running your EV charging stations, XM^online helps automate the management process, administer your stations information, manage its location, status; launch new services, test out business savvy pricing models; manage customer[…]